Churchward Village, Swindon


  • Part of this Great Western Railways owned site at Swindon is being regenerated as new accommodation and apartments.
  • £1 million/500 tonnes of steel over the course of 18 months
  • All structural and architectural metalwork, intumescent fire-proof painting, walkways, glass balconies and railings.
  • All apartments built on a steel frame, to allow open-plan car parking underneath and maximise accommodation above ground.


  • New structures built within metres of the existing, listed GWR building.
  • Delicate remedial propping in sequence with installation of new steel to ensure stability and protection of existing wall.
  • Worked alongside a member of Network Rail who monitored the lift-plan and risk assessment that Alpine had submitted.
  • London to Bristol main railway line was within the falling-radius of the site crane. A meticulously planned lift-plan had to be agreed in advance with Network Rail, and was monitored and observed by the client throughout.
  • Potential fines of up to £20,000 per hour for train delays caused by non-observance of pre-agreed standards.